St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School

Mission and Vision 


Our mission at St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School is to educate our children to reach their full potential in the context of a Catholic community. We foster an environment of love and forgiveness and encourage all members of our community to ‘be the best that they can be’.


Our vision is encapsulated in our Mission Statement:


In our school we recognise Jesus at the heart of all we do.

Our school is a happy and safe place where everyone is challenged to do their very best in both work and play.

Our family community includes home, school, parish and the local neighbourhood.

As children of God, we value, respect and love each other and celebrate our differences.

We say sorry, support and forgive each other as Jesus showed us.

We welcome and support those in need.


Our school motto, developed by our children a number of years ago, encourages all members of our community to be the best that they can be by ‘Letting their Light Shine’.


This is evident in the way we offer all children, pupils, staff, parents, visitors and friends the experience of a loving, caring, supportive, happy, learning and worshipping community. Christ is at the heart of all we do.

At St. Elizabeth’s we aim for high standards in everything we do. We believe our school is  warm, welcoming and inclusive; a place where all children are supported and encouraged to love learning and to develop their skills and talents wisely.

During their time at St. Elizabeth’s each child will be encouraged to achieve their social, academic and spiritual potential. Each child’s God-given talents will be nurtured and developed.

We believe our children need to be outward-facing to recognise their place in society, with the potential to make a positive contribution within their own community and as a global citizen.

We focus on personal development and are committed to preparing our children to become life long learners. We want to open the doors of opportunity to each pupil developing their multiple intelligences.

We aim to work with the children, in partnership with family and parish communities. We support all on their Faith journey in Christ. We are committed to equal opportunities for all and stand firm in the rejection of all prejudice. As our Mission Statement states, we celebrate our many differences and welcome and support those in need.

Staff too are nurtured and allowed to flourish and develop as is evident through our commitment to on-going professional development and staff training, which has led to internal promotions and new responsibilities for many staff.

All our learning and experiences at school are rooted in our faith and our ethos is at the heart of everything we do.