St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School


Why is Science important?

Science is an important and valued subject because it is highly relevant; an integral part of daily life, from cooking and checking the weather, to recycling and nature walks.


Through Science, our lives are changed for the better. We believe all pupils should be taught about the role that Science plays in positive advancements, as well as scientific knowledge, methods and processes and working scientifically. Advances in Science are continuing to transform our world at lightning speed and we need to do our best to prepare our pupils for a future we can only imagine.


When is Science taught?

The Whole School Overview below maps out when each Science unit is taught:  

Before the children start a new topic, they take part in a short recap lesson where they are reminded about what they have learnt previously. They also have the chance to look at key vocabulary that they will see during the topic and the key knowledge and skills that they will be learning. Below is an example of a Knowledge Organiser that the children have access to in their classrooms throughout their learning in each topic.

Science Programmes of Study 

At St Elizabeth's, we strive to ensure all children make good levels of progress in their Scientific Knowledge, their skills in Working Scientifically and Scientific Vocabulary. Below you will see our PLAN Progression documents which our teachers use to ensure the children make good levels of progress in Science.