St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School

Prayers for children

Faith is a living relationship with God that, like any other relationship, requires communication to remain healthy. Another word for this communication with God is prayer.

In prayer, children become aware of the presence of God already around and in them. In a special way, prayer invites them to recognise God's presence in every moment. As a leader of prayer with children, you pray with the children, guiding them into a prayerful time and space. You are both a model and a participant. The only way to learn to pray is by praying. 

There’s a simple prayer method attributed to Pope Francis while he was Archbishop of Argentina.

It’s a simple yet helpful prayer method not only great for teaching kids how to pray, but it’s good for adults too as a reminder to “cover all our bases” with intercessory prayer for those around us.

5 Finger Prayer Card

Here are some prayers, just a few, that you are free to use, if you wish.