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Year 5 Waxworks 2020
Year 5 Waxworks 2020


 Why is History important?

History is important because it helps pupils to understand and interpret the past, and therefore, the present. Through history, pupils develop a deeper cross-cultural awareness and understanding of their own and others’ heritage, through looking at evidence and asking and answering questions. In History, we can analyse successes and failures, which, in turn, teaches us to learn from our mistakes.


When is History taught?
History is taught through thematic units. The Whole School Overview below maps out which thematic units feature this subject. Whereas the Long-Term Plan's for each year group clearly shows the objectives covered:

Pathfinders History Overview (Y1 and Y2)

Adventurers History Overview (Y3 and Y4)

Navigators History Overview (Y5 and Y6)


How is History taught?

History is taught through a combination of subject knowledge, historical skills, enquiry and fieldwork. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom.


What do we learn about in History?

We learn about lots of Historical events such as:  Wars (World Wars, Civil Wars) or The Ancient Greeks or The Inuits or famous Inventors e.g. Thomas Edison for example.


Who do we learn about in History?

We learn about lots of Historical figures such as: Nelson Mandela or Walt Disney or Mother Teresa or Martin Luther-King or Steve Jobs for example. 

Whole School Overview
Whole School Overview