St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School


Some young babies have a dummy to help them settle. Try to stop using a dummy by the time your toddler is 2 years olds. Babies who use dummies have fewer chances to babble and extended use of a dummy may contribute to dental and speech sound problems. We don't allow dummies here at school and we will support parents as much as possible to help you to drop the dummy. 

To prevent problems later:

  • Give your child as much time without the dummy as possible.
  • As your baby gets older, try to use the dummy for sleep times only.
  • Always take the dummy out when your baby is babbling or chatting.
  • It’s easier to wean a baby off a dummy than a toddle

How do you get rid of a dummy?


If your child is using their dummy all the time, or is not giving their dummy up as soon as you would like, try these ideas:

  • Wean them off – gradually decrease the times when you let your child use their dummy.
  • Restrict dummy use to key times during the day, such as bedtime or when your child is ill. Be firm.
  • Encourage your child to give all their dummies away to a person who is important to them, such as a grandparent or Santa or a dummy fairy/wizard. 
  • Reward your child with fun activities, stickers or star charts. 
  • Remember your child will grow out of their reliance on their dummy and this can take time!