St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School


Websites to support Computing at home

Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing

Learn keyboard familiarity and finger positioning as you work your way through 12 different typing lessons. Animated characters and dances are triggered by your very own ten fingers.


BBC Computing 

A fantastic resource about programming/coding from the BBC.


Shaun's Game Academy

Get game creating with Shaun the Sheep. Parental permission needed.



A fun introduction to the concept of programming.



A fun site with programming challenges which get more complex as they're completed.

A collection of online resources to encourage coding/programming. Lots of fun activities here.


Nickelodeon code

Lots of coding fun to be had here with your favourite Nickelodeon characters.



If you want to learn to program, you need to write (a lot of) code. CodeCombat is a fun way to learn.


Rapid Router

A block based series of programming challenges to get those groceries delivered. Developed by Ocado.



Scratch is a fantastic free resource designed to teach the basics of programming.



Gameblox is a game editor that uses a blocks based programming language to make games.



A block-based programming environment similar to Scratch.



A game orientated visual programming environment. Quite intensive on graphics.



A Unity-based game creation platform for the more advanced coders amongst you.



KidsRuby makes it fun and easy to learn how to program.



Use your logic and program your robot to collect the stars. Starts easy and becomes challenging.