St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School

House Teams

At St. Elizabeth's we believe in being part of a team, therefore, each child is part of a house team. 

The four house teams are:

  1. Romero - Saint Oscar Romero's well-known saying of "Aspire not to have more, but be more," is widely used throughout St Elizabeth's. Children in Saint Oscar Romero wear a Yellow badge.
  2. Merici - after Saint Angela Merici. She believed in "Do something, get moving, risk new things then be ready for big surprises." Children in Saint Angela Merici wear a Blue badge.
  3. Kolbe - After Saint Maximillian Kolbe who sacrificed his life during World War II believed that "A single act of love makes the soul return to life." Children in Saint Maximillian Kolbe wear a Red badge.
  4. Bakhita - After Saint Josephine Bakhita, she said "Pray, and God will do the rest." Children in St Josephine Bakhita wear a Green badge to school.

Each day children gain house points (in the form of DOJO points) for their team through their behaviour and work in school. Our House Captains in Year 6 announce the winning house team during Gold Award each week. Children will be given certificates when their house point scores reach certain milestones like 50, 75 and 100 house points. We wonder which house will win this year...