St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School


Why is PSHE important?

PSHE teaches us how to make informed choices and be enterprising and ambitious. Through PSHE education, we focus on achieving our potential by supporting our wellbeing and tackling issues that can affect our ability to learn, such as anxiety and unhealthy relationships.

In PSHE, we learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle and positive relationships.  

When is PSHE taught?

PSHE is taught discretely through weekly lessons. Coverage overviews for each year group clearly show the objectives taught. Throughout the year the whole school participates in theme days/ weeks including Anti-bullying Week, Sports Week and Mental Health Week. During this days/weeks children are immersed in learning opportunities with visitors, whole school activities and peer learning opportunities. 


How is PSHE taught?

We use a PSHE Programme - 3D PSHE - in which pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes needed in order to keep themselves healthy and safe whilst preparing them for life and work.

PSHE is taught through a combination of subject knowledge and skill building. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. 



KS1 PHSE Overview: Health and Wellbeing

KS1 PHSE Overview: Relationships

KS2 PHSE Overview: Health and Wellbeing

KS2 PHSE Overview: Relationships 


What do we learn in PSHE?

There are three underlying core themes taught throughout Dimensions 3D PSHE, within which there is broad overlap and flexibility :-
1. Health and Wellbeing
2. Relationships
3. Living in the Wider World
Pupils are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities, enabling them to make significant contributions to both life in school and within the wider community.  This allows them to become aware of their skills and talents, develop their self-worth, learn to work as part of a team and take greater responsibility for their own learning.  

The 3D PSHE Programme provides pupils with the means to handle many of the social, cultural, spiritual, physical and moral issues that occur throughout life.

3D PSHE helps pupils to develop and demonstrate skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate fully, and contribute positively, to life in modern Britain. Pupils learn to respect similarities and differences between our diverse cultures in order to build successful and meaningful friendships and relationships that are vital to the world we live in.
Learning is evidenced using class floor books which proudly display children's work.