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Let Your Light Shine

Welcome to St. Elizabeth'sJesus at the heart of all we doBe the best that you can beLove each other and celebrate our differencesWe say sorry, support and forgive each other as Jesus showed usJourneying together with Jesus Christ, we learn to love and love to learnLet your Light ShineLet your Light Shine


Our children are taught from nursery age to create art work using a range of materials and tools. We love using pencils, pastels, paint, charcoal, textiles and modelling material such as clay and modrock. They will also use tricky techniques of collaging, threading, weaving and applique to create their own pieces. From year one they are taught to appreciate Art from various cultures and by a famous number of artists; such as Picasso, Van Gough and Mondrian. Some classes have taken the opportunity to visit local galleries such as the Whitworth and have worked with artists there.

Sketchbooks are introduced to all children and are carried with them throughout their school life. Each half term the whole school completes a drawing project in the sketchbooks; these allow the children to reflect on how they are developing as artists themselves. By the time our children reach year six they can reflect on how they started as a 5 year old artist and compare this to how they are now. Drawing is a pleasurable and sometimes challenging skill and develops fine motor control as well as acting as a relaxing and sociable activity.

In March 2017, Christine from the art room visited our school and led a paper making workshop. All of the children made paper for the first time and we then used this paper to create special drawings in our sketchbooks. Art club also takes part twice a year on Wednesday after school with Miss Dwan. Children work collaboratively, use new materials, try new ideas out and most of all have fun!