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Investors in Pupils

At St. Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School we strive to build a culture where all pupils have a voice and have the opportunity to play an active role in decisions that affect their learning and well-being. In order to do this we ensure that our pupil’s views are included when we make key decisions. We take regular feedback and seek the opinions of pupils through a variety of methods.

Investors In Pupils

This award recognises the achievement of the whole school. It values all pupils and helps them to improve their understanding of the learning journey that they embark on. Some of the things required for Investors in Pupils are for each classroom to have the following:

  An individual target: This shows that we are all learners together. These targets can be personal or academic. At St. Elizabeth's  we have a bee theme. Each child has a Personal Best Target, their Personal B! The children choose their own target and it helps them in one of five areas:

 Attendance, Behaviour, Classroom Management  (keeping tidy, taking care of things, knowing the cost of things) Learning and Induction (looking after new people in the class).


  A class target: reviewed and renewed regularly to help the class work as a team on a chosen area – e.g. lining up sensibly, playing together at playtime etc.


A class motto: decided upon by all the class to help the class to, again work as a team, but for each child to know how they contribute to that class to make it a happy, caring environment in which to learn.


A welcome book: developed by the children to welcome new people (pupils & adults) into their class.


Other areas of 'Investors in Pupils' are:

  • Knowing the roles and responsibilities of people who help them to learn.
  • Having an understanding of what our school Governors do.
  • Knowing about where the money comes from to run the school and  what needs to be paid for out of this money.
  • Knowing that all pupils at St. Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School are valued and included in decision making. 

 It is important that parents and carers feel involved in this process too so, if you would like to know more, or think that you may be able to support us, please contact the School Council.

 To learn more about the Investors In Pupil Award go to: