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St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School A Voluntary Academy

Let Your Light Shine

Pupil Parliament  2017 - 2018


As the school council, we encourage people to share their ideas with us so we can make the school a better place EVERYONE to enjoy:  we want everyone to enjoy lessons, break-times , lunch-times and have lots of exciting opportunities. We have been involved in many exciting things already this year such as the Wythenshawe pupil parliament, we got to meet Mr Bone (he gave us information on how to be a better school council) We also got to meet our finance director (She controls the money for the school)  and one of our governors who told us all about her role in school. 

We have produced an action plan which will show you what we plan to do this year to make our school a better place!

We hope you have some brilliant ideas for our school council. Please keep coming back to read  the website so that you know what's been going on.