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Let Your Light Shine

Class Activities


Today we went on our class trip to Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester. We had a fantastic time so much so some of us fell asleep on the way home! Firstly we took part in a workshop with Gemma (who is a Minecraft artist) we designed and made blocks for the game and used a punch card to bring them to life in the game. Afterwards we looked around the gallery and did some live drawing of one of our favourite pieces of modern art which was called 'the fallen man'. 


We love being mini scientists in year 2 and today we were finding out how grit works. When the weather is cold and icy we use grit on our paths and playgrounds to stop us from slipping. Today we experimented using ice with salt and water to test how the salt melts the ice and makes it easier to grip onto. 


Today we were working on I-pads to re-tell the story of the great fire of London using Purple Mash. We went on a story hunt and we found the different parts of the story and we then had to reorder them. We used a storyboard app to re-tell the story and add our own captions to each picture. 


Today we really enjoyed being scientists and experimenting with tea! We needed a blackcurrant tea bag, paper towels, cold water and a plastic cup. Miss Dwan asked us the question 'what happens to tea bags when we add cold water to it?'. We all predicted that it changes in colour, smell and taste but we were surprised to observe something else too. If you look very carefully you can see the tea leaves reacting with the water as they float up and down quickly just like they are moving in an elevator. Have a go at home and see what happens..