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St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School A Voluntary Academy

Let Your Light Shine

Class Activities

21/3/18 Lenten Prayer Trail

Today we completed our final Lenten activity where we ventured across the desert and we had to work as a team to get there safely. Jesus and the disciples worked together to spread the word of God and help people all over the world. We talked about how Jesus would like us to be his disciples too.  Some people do leave their families when they're older and become missionaries, other people are missionaries right where they live.  They help in church or tell their friends about Jesus.  Maybe there is a way you can be a disciple right now, right where you are.

16/3/18 Paper Aeroplanes

Today we learnt about the inventors of the plane who were the Wright brothers in 1903. We watched videos of the first flight and couldn't believe how different planes of the past looked. We compared these with the gigantic metal aircrafts most of us have traveled on today with modern extras like seats, televisions and food and drinks. We were so inspired we decided to create our own planes and test them out on the playground. It was brilliant but the wind made it a bit tricky for them to travel too far! 

1/3/18 World Book Day

Today was world book day and I barely recognised the children when they came in this morning because they had transformed completely into different characters. We all dressed up as our favourite characters and we read books, designed book tokens and Mrs Kelly read a funny story about all of the teachers. 

Virtual Reality Headsets and Virtuali-tees

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to try out some VR headsets and experience swimming underwater- without getting wet! The headsets were amazing and the children loved seeing all the bright and colourful fish. We were amazed with our realistic it was and we wrote some incredible fishy poems afterwards. Afterwards we also tried our hand at becoming surgeons for the day sneaking a peek inside our bodies. We wore special t-shirts and scanned them with a app to see our body parts inside! Don't worry parents again it was just the power of technology and virtual reality! Thanks Laura- we look forward to you coming back in the summer term. 


This week is E-Safety week and we began with an assembly led by our team of Digital leaders. Throughout the week we have been talking about all the amazing ways we can explore and play using the internet.  There are however sometimes un-safe things you can might encounter and we have been talking about how to stay SMART online. Our Digital leaders have been working with our Y1, Y2 and Y5 classes to promote the SMART rules and educate our children on what steps to take if they were ever worried.